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Building the Foundation of North Main Street’s ‘New’ Bridge

The recent soggy weather hasn’t dampened progress much on the North Main Street bridge. Construction on the third signature V-Pier bridge began late December with traffic detours on North Main Street near Coyote Drive-In and LaGrave Field. The bridge is currently being built on dry land and will serve as a connector across the new bypass channel. Design of the north end of the bypass channel was approved in December.

Talk of MSE’s, V-piers, 5L’s, 3R’s and abutments have us curious about the process of constructing the foundation for our new bridge!


STEP 1: Pier Shaft Construction

This initial step requires drilling approximately 30 feet into the ground to create a strong foundation to support the future bridge structure. Once the pier shafts are drilled, a circular steel cage is inserted in the drilled hole and concrete is poured to reinforce the bridge’s foundation. This bridge will have a total of four pier shafts, each is 10-foot in diameter below ground. Work began on the pier shafts in December and they were completed in early February.

STEP 2: Pier Column Construction

The second step of the V-Pier construction process is to create the pier columns. The pier columns are constructed by encasing circular steel reinforcement in high strength concrete which connects to the underground pier shafts. The upper part of the pier columns has a round dome that will be visible above the waterline. The four pier columns are underway now with the first two will be poured the second week of March.

STEP3: V-Pier Construction

Once the pier shafts and columns are complete, the bridge’s four signature V-piers that will be constructed will support the bridge’s superstructure (deck) for vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The North Main bridge will have four V-piers that will consist of approximately 210 cubic yards of steel reinforced high strength concrete.

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