District Features - Panther Island Central City Project

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Explore the District’s Unique Features

Alongside the Trinity River, you’ll one day find ample new residences, outdoor spaces & riverwalks; pedestrian-friendly streets with a variety of transportation options; new parks, trails, a town lake and more. As new infrastructure and development occurs, the district will transform into a diverse live, work, play community organically grown for everyone. 
Take some time and explore all that Panther Island has in store.

Houseboat District

The levees coming down gives you the ability to not just live next to the water but on the water. The houseboat district brings the urban neighborhood of Panther Island to the Trinity River.


Made up of a series of unique urban parks connecting lakes, canals and marinas—all connected by a network of trails and new pedestrian bridges —the Promenade is designed to improve connectivity along the river.

PROMENADE FEATURES: Kayak launch pads, Kayak / watercraft storage, Riverbanks lined with shade trees, 12 ft-wide waterside paths, Water taxi landings, and more on the way.


A 33-acre lake will be a focal point for Panther Island. A large public boardwalk will surround the lake, making it the perfect place for recreation on the river. Additionally, winding through the island will be over twelve miles of flowing canals and continuous public walkways. Creating the ability to live, work and play next to the water.


The 33-acre town lake expansion on Panther Island will allow for pedestrian powered water activity as well as a marina for boat parking.


Panther Island has plans for a total of seven new parks, they will be known as The Parks of Panther Island. The development of the parks system will be located along the future site of the bypass channel.


To ensure continuous pedestrian access throughout Panther Island a series of pedestrian bridges will stretch the bypass channel allowing the trails on the island connect to 72 mile system throughout the city.


Panther Island zoning standards were put in place to encourage the responsible, sustainable development of over three million square feet of mixed-use neighborhoods for over 10,000 residential units.


The use of modern roundabouts on Panther Island will provide safer roads by cutting average speed and delay time while handling more traffic. They also create a positive environment for vertical development.


A fixed line will connect Panther Island to downtown establishing smart access from home to the Central Business District thereby reducing the number of cars on the road creating less mobile emissions and better air quality. Inside the island a “circulator” line around the perimeter of Panther Island will connect each development node and serve residents and visitors to Panther Island.


Signature bridges over the future bypass channel are being built now and will allow traffic to enter Panther Island from the north and west. They are located at White Settlement Rd., Henderson St. and N. Main St. These bridges have been artfully designed with the pedestrian experience and mass transportation in mind.


Three flood gates will be installed at the portions of the river where the bypass channel and the original river intersect. These gates will remain open at most times, but can be shut during high water events – forcing water through the bypass channel.


A 1.5 mile bypass channel will be constructed to redirect flood waters around the 800-acres of low lying area to the north of Downtown. Providing necessary flood protection for Fort Worth.