Environmental Remediation

The Panther Island Project is comprised of five project goals that are a guide for smart, sustainable redevelopment of our city’s core. Once flood protection measures are in place, a once-neglected, industrial section of the Trinity River will have the opportunity to be transformed into a vibrant neighborhood with green spaces and opportunities for living, employment and education.

Walk This Way

Panther Island is a live, work, play community designed for walkability. Walkability is on the rise and is an uber hot topic right now, especially in Fort Worth. With economic and health benefits, the desire for a more walkable lifestyle has never been more popular.

V-Piers: The Shape Above Water

With all this talk about Fort Worth’s three new bridges and roadside sightings of ginormous wing-like frames, we thought it was time to do a show and tell to explain just what in the heck a V-pier is anyway. The signature bridges get their name from the V-shape of the support pier that will be visible above the water. But there’s more beneath the surface…