Summer Fun on Panther Island

The Panther Island Pavilion Beach venue is open Tuesday-Sunday for a day of relaxation and laid back, fun in the sun for all ages. You may bring your own raft or tube and float within the roped perimeter or rent a boat and paddle upstream if you are looking for more adventure.

Bypass Channel

The need for updated flood protection in the city’s near north side, along with the community’s desire for an urban waterfront, have led the project partners to develop an infrastructure that not only makes our city safer, but also provides a unique opportunity for river recreation and development.

A Long History Of Flooding

Fort Worth has a long history of flooding. Major floods in 1908, 1922, 1942 and 1949 devastated our city. The flood of 1949 is arguably the most recognizable of these events because most of the flooding occurred in what is today known as the West 7th District/Cultural District.

Who Does What?

The Panther Island and Gateway Park Projects are a combination of Federal Projects and Local Initiatives. Be in the know of who is the lead agency and for which aspect and connect with those project managers for specific questions on current or upcoming construction and contracting.