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Star-Telegram: Trinity River Vision nearing reality

Trinity River Vision nearing reality

The Trinity River Vision project is one step closer to being a reality.

Thanks to the tenacity of its principal advocate in the U.S. Congress, Rep. Kay Granger, the massive flood control and economic development project is close to receiving the congressional authorization needed to ensure its inclusion in the president’s budget.

Approval would unleash $520 million in federal funds from the Army Corps of Engineers — the majority of the estimated money needed to see the almost $1 billion project to its completion.

Granger, a former Fort Worth mayor, has been working for years to secure federal dollars for the endeavor, which, when finished, would divert the Trinity River and create an urban lake and 12 miles of developable waterfront in the northern quadrant of the city.

The funding still has a few hurdles to overcome: The House and Senate have to resolve slight differences in their respective authorization bills, and then legislators have to pass the bill in the time that remains this congressional session.

In the current political climate, it’s best to keep expectations for Congress low and refrain from any premature celebrations.

But Granger’s confidence in the largely uncontroversial bill’s passage is encouraging, and her determination in seeing the project through is commendable.

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