Panther Island / Central City News

Encore Panther Island Construction Update

When driving North on Main Street, you can see the parking structure for the Encore Panther Island mulit-family apartment complex going up. The first section of the Panther Island canal system, is being built in conjunction with Encore Panther Island. In addition to the canal’s storm water relief function, the canals will provide a continuous public boardwalk along the water’s edge giving the community a place to live, work, dine, shop and play. The multi-family community will feature creative solutions to connect the streetscape to the River walk environment planned for the district. Residents will be able to enjoy exceptional amenities including waterfront balconies, an infinity pool with cascading waterfalls, a state-of-the-art fitness facility and a top floor lounge that will feature the most dynamic views of downtown. Located at the intersection of 4th Street and North Main Street, residents at the 300-unit community will be walking distance to Panther Island Brewing, Coyote Drive-In and Panther Island Pavilion. Did you know that the Fort Worth famous Thurber Brick will be incorporated into the canal design? The iconic Thurber Brick comes from Thurber, Texas (halfway between Fort Worth and Abilene). In the early 1900’s the Thurber brick plant was the largest producer west of the Mississippi. At its height of operation, the plant produced 40 varieties of brick and nearly 800 workers produced 80,000 bricks a day. During excavation work on the Panther Island North Main Bridge, the contractor found original Thurber Brick. Used to line many of Fort Worth’s historic streets, the brick was paved decades ago but is still in great condition. To ensure that part of Fort Worth’s rich history is incorporated into the design of Panther Island, the brick was moved and stored. The brick will be used for portions of the public walkways that will line the canals running through Panther Island. A series of canals will manage the storm water through Panther Island. Conventional underground conveyance systems that use gutter and pipe will be replaced. Besides storm water relief function, the canals will provide a continuous public boardwalk along the water’s edge. Lifestyle amenities will enhance where our community will live, work, dine, shop and play. The first segment of the Panther Island canal system will be built in conjunction with the first multi-family development. Today, you can see Thurber brick in Fort Worth lining the streets of Camp Bowie, Downtown Fort Worth and the iconic Stockyards.