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Fort Worth’s Population Growth Over the Years

The Trinity River in Fort Worth has a long history of flooding. Fort Worth’s booming population growth brings a need to update our current levee system, which was originally constructed by the United State Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in response to the devastating flood of 1949.

Fort Worth has nearly tripled in size since USACE updated the current levee system in the early 1960s, having grown from 350,000 to over 900,000 in 2020. Because of the booming population growth, even as far back as the early 2000s, USACE had already determined that 86% of Fort Worth’s current levee system is no longer tall enough to protect us from flood events expected to hit this area. Through years of planning, the Central City Flood Project was deemed by USACE to be the best solution for providing much needed flood protection for Fort Worth. Initially, there were 16 studies completed for the USACE Central City Flood Project, with an additional 7 studies to follow once the project was established.

The Panther Island / Central City Flood Project is an example of long-term planning for needed flood protection. Over 2,400 acres of established neighborhoods in our city are in jeopardy of flooding. To read more about the “at-risk” neighborhoods within our city, along with our population growth over the years, read:

A Long History Of Flooding