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Gateway Park Receives Updated Master Plan Sign

The future United States Army Corps of Engineers bypass channel will protect more than 2,400 acres of neighborhoods in Fort Worth from the highest level of flooding. However, the USACE bypass channel cannot accomplish this alone. In times of flooding water will be moving through the future bypass channel but there has to be a way to slow that water down so we aren’t flooding our neighbors to the east. A series of valley storage sites is crucial to the Central City Project. The amount of material moved as well as the locations themselves were carefully chosen. These valley storage sites provide the needed flood protection but also provide multiple use opportunities. USACE will excavate the valley storage site and then that area can be turned over to the City of Fort Worth to provide wonderful park amenities for our city.

Gateway Park is part of the City of Fort Worth’s Park System. At just over 1,000 acres, the park will be the largest urban-programmed park in the area when finished providing a true gem for the East side of Fort Worth. To date, the City of Fort Worth has added great amenities to the park including a continuous connection to the over 100+ miles of the Trinity Trail system, Fort Woof Dog Park and synthetic fields used for a multitude of sports enthusiasts.

The Gateway Park Master Plan is visible with the addition of the updated park signs. Bring your friends, family and dogs (on a leash) to see the City of Fort Worth’s future plan for this gem on the East side of Fort Worth.

Click here to see the current completed updates and the ongoing updates at Gateway Park.