Panther Island / Central City News

North Main St. Bridge Milestone

On Thursday March 4, 2021, TxDOT’s contractor, Texas Sterling, completed the fourth and final deck pour on the North Main St. Bridge on Panther Island. The deck will provide the final driving surface for the Signature V-Pier Bridge. This is a major milestone for the bridge, moving it one step closer to being open to vehicular traffic.

Now that the main deck has been poured on the bridge, the contractor will push the transverse steel deck tendons, stress them and grout them into place. The contractor will also begin working on the pedestrian traffic barrier, installing sidewalk stainless steel posts and rail and the concrete bridge approach paving. Additional ongoing work will be the electrical and on-site landscaping.

There will be around 20 drops involved in the falsework lowering on this bridge compared to the 40 drops that will take place on the White Settlement Rd Bridge. To learn more about the falsework removal process check out