Panther Island / Central City News

Progress Updates on the Three Panther Island Signature V-Pier Bridges

White Settlement Rd Bridge: Now that this bridge is open to traffic the contractor is working on some of the final touches to the bridge. This work includes getting the physical hand railing completed, including installing the handrail lighting, on the north end of the bridge. Additionally, there is site grading to finish up as well as the installation of more wayfinding signage to help the flow of traffic. Adding to the pedestrian experience of the bridge, the underside will be painted by the end of summer.

North Main St. Bridge: The contractor has begun removing the false work that has been supporting the bridge. The contractor is also in the process of getting the Abutment 4 approach and transition lanes paved. Once this work is completed, the bridge will enter the final stages of work before opening to traffic. The North Main St. Bridge is tentatively set to open to traffic late Spring of 2021.

Henderson St Bridge: The contractor completed the second of four deck pours last week, placing about 640 cubic yards of concrete on the deck of the Henderson St. Bridge. Once all the deck pours are completed all of the roadways will have been poured for the Panther Island Signature V-Pier Bridges. The Henderson St. Bridge is tentatively set to open late fall of 2021.