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Remembering Mr. Devoyd “Dee” Jennings, A True Fort Worth Visionary

Mr. Devoyd Jennings, President of the Fort Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce

As Executive Director of the Panther Island / Central City Flood Control Project I have had the honor of working with an incredible group of people who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of our community. One of those persons was Mr. Devoyd Jennings, President of the Fort Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce for the last 31 years.

The moment I was asked to pull a team together to deliver the most complicated infrastructure project in Fort Worth’s history, Dee called and asked to get together.

We met, we discussed the project, and then he said something to me that became one of the driving principles in our program. With great poise and determination, Dee said, “This project is going to make us a better city for future generations, but, if we do it right, we also have the ability to put food on the table of our community, the entire community, today.”

Dee immediately became one of my closest mentors and one of the founding members of our Fair Contracting Committee. We worked together, traveled together, and spoke to anyone that would listen to us, about how Fort Worth could build a stronger community for today and tomorrow.

With Dee’s guidance we created an award-winning diverse business policy and program that has been fully committed to creating new opportunities for all businesses every step of the way.

Dee stood for equity and opportunity – every day for everybody. He lived his life by example. He was wise and determined, respectful and respected, a mentor and friend. He never stopped pushing for a better community for all because he cared for all.

Dee, you made Fort Worth better. You were a visionary and advocate. You will be missed. We will keep our promise to you and stay the path.

And, thank you for allowing me to have called you my friend.

JD Granger

JD Granger