Panther Island / Central City News

Restored Oxbow at Gateway Park

Gateway Park is an important part of the overall USACE Central City Flood Control Project. Gateway Park will provide multiple valley storage sites that will be used during times of high flooding to help protect more than 2,400 acres of neighborhoods in Fort Worth. These valley storage sites not only provide needed flood protection but also provide multiple use opportunities. In many cases within Gateway Park for example, USACE will excavate the valley storage site and then that area can be turned over to the City of Fort Worth to provide wonderful park amenities for our city. When USACE built the existing levee system in Fort Worth, a large section of the Trinity River in Gateway Park was cut off leaving behind a dry oxbow within Gateway park, harming both the terrestrial and aquatic habitat. The valley storage work in the park, as part of the Central City Flood Project, has restored the natural course of the river and is thereby restoring the natural aquatic habitat that once existed in this area. The picture above shows the finished and restored oxbow as part of the USACE Phase 1 valley storage work in the park.