Panther Island / Central City News

Valley Storage Work at Gateway Park is Underway

The United States Army Corps of Engineers has begun working on the second phase of valley storage work in Gateway Park. This work is a vital to providing needed flood protection for our city. Check out this brief video above of the progress being made.

Map pictured above is of the two work sites for the second phase

The work includes the mass excavation of an area in the park for the purposes of developing valley storage for the Fort Worth Central City project. Creating valley storage sites is pivotal to providing flood protection for our city. In addition to the mass excavation, the project includes tree protection, tree removal, utility protection, drainage culvert, fencing, and site restoration using a variety of seed mixes, and incidental related work.

The first phase of valley storage excavation in the park, which was completed earlier this year, involved removing over 1.4 million CY of material (enough material was moved in phase 1 to fill roughly 40% of AT&T stadium). For phase 2 work, roughly 81,000 CY of material will be removed and brought to a haul site within the park where the old wastewater treatment plant was located.

Picture of the location shown in the video prior to the work started.