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What’s left on the three Signature V-Pier Panther Island Bridges?

Two of the Signature V-Pier Panther Island Bridges have now opened to vehicular traffic, with the third scheduled to open within the next month. If are you wondering “what’s left?” for the three TxDOT bridges, we’ve gathered that for you! Check out the list of the final projects remaining for each bridge.

White Settlement Rd Bridge
*Open to traffic
  • Stain bridge and MSE walls (retaining walls)
  • Construct MSE cleanout aprons
North Main St Bridge

*Open to traffic
  • Rub and patch overhang and the V-Piers
  • Remove miscellaneous detour pavement
  • Construct Abutment 1 parapet walls (retaining walls)
Henderson St Bridge

  • Rub and patch traffic rail
  • Install pedestrian handrail and LED lighting
  • Groove deck pavement
  • Rub and patch overhang and V-Piers
  • Install bridge illumination and V-Pier LED lighting
  • Install electrical service
  • Construct and saw bridge approach sidewalk
  • Open to traffic