Panther Island / Central City News

White Settlement Rd. Bridge deck pour on Panther Island

On Tuesday December 1, the first of five deck pours occurred on the White Settlement Rd Bridge. The deck will provide the final driving surface for the Signature V-Pier Bridge. The contractor poured 800 cubic yards of concrete during the first pour. The full bridge will require 2800 cubic yards of concrete that will eventually make up the 10” thick road deck. The first three pours will take place from the east side of the bridge and the last two will take place on the west side of the bridge, eventually meeting in the middle.

This concrete deck pour is a major milestone for the Signature V-Pier Bridge project. Once all five pours are completed, the final steps will include installing railing and lighting as well as adding striping to the bridge. The White Settlement Rd Bridge is projected to be open to traffic by February, 2021.

Did You Know? To expedite the timeframe of concrete pours for all three V-Pier signature bridges there is a concrete batch plant on site. Having the batch plant on site cuts down the travel time for the trucks to deliver concrete during a pour. Thanks to TRWD for providing land to the contractor to allow this to happen and help expedite the project.

Hear from the City of Fort Worth Project Manager, Doug Rademaker below on-site at the pour talking about the deck pour and timeline of the bridge completion below.

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